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Farmavita Amethyste Purify Peeling Mask - is peeling mask for the scalp, which is based on a unique formula. In the composition of this drug observed purifying highly elegant combination of components, as well as special microspheres having exfoliating effect.


It is able to eliminate dandruff, excess sebum, and the remains of a variety of substances. With it is possible to best prepare the scalp and hair for further use of therapeutic drugs Amethyste.



Apply the desired amount of the agent directly to the scalp. Gently massaged for 5 minutes, if necessary by admixing with water. Wash off, then wash your hair with shampoo treatment line Amethyste.

Do light circular motion with your fingertips, moving from the temples to the nape of the head. The total massage time not to exceed 5 minutes. Add water if necessary. Rinse abundantly peeling mask with water without using shampoo. In the future, use the shampoo Amethyste depending on scalp problems.

The perfect start to any treatment procedure Amethyste Purify Peeling Mask helps to remove excess oil, flakes of dandruff, and the remains of the product, making the scalp healthy, clean and balanced.


Amethyst Microbeads + Jojoba Oil

Amethyst Microbeads: caring for the scalp, helps to exfoliate skin's keratin material of the head.

Jojoba Oil: soothing effect on irritated scalp.

For effective removal of dandruff and prevent its recurrence use the shampoo together with peeling Amethyste Purify Peeling Mask.


This product has a quality certificate.

Amethyste Purify Peeling Mask, 150ml

SKU: HCZ000304
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