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Aprolis Aringil, 30 tablets

Recommended for:
• Oral infections (gingivitis, pyorrhoea, canker sores, oral fungal infections, bleeding gums, tooth decay)
• ENT infections (pharyngitis, laryngitis, cough, etc.)
• Preventive for people who use their voice a lot (teachers, salesmen, singers, etc.)

How to use:

Keep a tablet in the mouth until completely dissolved. Up to 4 tablets a day can be taken.



Sorbitol (sweetener); dry propolis extract; dry extract of mullein flower (Verbascum thapsus
L.); dry extract of hedge mustard or singers’ plant (Erysimum officinale L.); colloidal silica (anticaking agent); magnesium stearate (anticaking agent); hydrated magnesium silicate (anticaking agent); oregano essential oil (Thymus capitatus L.); Siberian fir essential oil (Abies sibirica Ledeb.). May contain traces of sesame.
Contains SORBITOL: do not give to young children. Excessive use can cause a laxative effect.

Aprolis Aringil, 30 tablets

SKU: ORJ000485
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