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FarmaVita Eve Experience Color, 100ml


New Generation Formula

Less sensitizing, advanced, aimed to the future:


EVE has a balanced clean and green formula, created harmonizing nature and science, ensuring a perfect colour result without compromises, by fully respecting skin and hair. Specially developed FREE FROM PPD and RESORCINOL, and with a MINIMUM QUANTITY OF AMMONIA, EVE delivers a more gentle and safe formula both for hair stylists and customers.




Intense, deep and long-lasting color:


Hair is composed by amino acids that are mostly negatively charged. The oxidation pigment (coloration) is a polar molecule - partially positive and partially negative charged. Here the INFINITE COLOR+ technology comes into action: as this molecule has a highly positive charge - very similar to hair - it acts as a molecular carrier (transporter molecular) binding itself to the negative part of the oxidation pigment and transporting it to the hair, behaving like a bridge between pigment and hair. As a result the INFINITE COLOR+ technology significantly increases the deposit of color on the keratin fiber, resulting in +75% LONGER LASTING COLOUR (after 5 washes)+23% DEEPER COLOUR INTENSITY and ensuring the 100% OF WHITE COVERAGE.


KV Technology

Brighter, stronger and silkier hair,  color after color:


Color service becomes a pure wellness treatment thanks to the KV TECHNOLOGY. This technology is developed on Vegetal Keratin, a rich complex of amino acids with a great affinity to hair’s keratin structures. With a remarkable nourishing and remineralizing action these low molecular weighted amino acids directly penetrate the hair, filling and smoothing damaged surfaces, helping to improve the health and appearance through hydration. The KV TECHNOLOGY action implies a considerable improvement in brightness, softness and silkiness of hair fiber: hair is visibly smoothed and homogeneous giving enhanced manageability with luminous shine and vibrancy.



Full respect of skin and hair. The risk of hair fiber damages, color after color, is drastically reduced and the hair results more natural and bright, without color deviation after washings. Hair looks healthy, silky and strong.


Mode of application:


Mixing ratio: 1; 1.5

If you have a high % white hair, intensify the undertones by mixing EVE Color 1: 1 with a 10Vol.(3%)/20Vol.(6%) /30Vol.(9%) cream developer.

- 10Vol.(3%)

  • Tone to tone and dimming - mix 1: 1.5 with any color.
  • Toning – mix 1: 1,5 with any color.
  • For bleached hair and tone-on-tone colorings.


- 20Vol.(6)%

  • Cosmetic staining - mix 1: 1.5
  • For a richer color - mix 1: 1
  • For gray / white hair and a lightening of 1 tone


- 30Vol.(9%)

  • For a richer color - mix 1: 1
  • For gray / white hair and a lightening of 1 tone
  • For a lightening of 2 to 3 tones


- 40Vol.(12%)

  • Cosmetic staining - mix 1: 1.5
  • For a richer color - mix 1: 1
  • If using super blonds - mix 1: 1,5.


On the contrary, the super-brightening 00 shade can be used to tone down the intensity of shades or to get new shades.


0.0 Clear:

0.0 Clear can be used to dilute the intensity of other shades.

es: 15g EVE Color + 15g 0.0 Clear + 30g Cream Developer


0.0 Clear can also be used in different dilutions to achieve varying color results.

es: 20g EVE Color + 10g 0.0 Clear + 30g Cream Developer

Once the mixture is done, we apply:

- On whole head:
Same depth or darker: apply the color from roots to ends and leave for 30 to 40 minutes.

Lightening: Apply the coloring only to the lengths and ends (about 2cm from the roots) and leave for 20 minutes then apply the coloring to the roots. Leave it all for 30 to 40 minutes before rinsing it off.

- On regrowth: Apply part of the coloring only to the regrowth for 20 to 30 minutes then apply the rest of the coloring on the lengths and ends and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.


Good to know: to obtain a stronger colour, mix EVE Color at 1:1 with Cream Developer at 10-20-30 volumes.


EVE Colors can be used ONLY with EVE Cream Developers!

Please, put color number in the notes when you checkout!

      FarmaVita Eve Color, 100ml

      SKU: HCZ000391
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