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Tricogen Lotion for dandruff and hair loss, 100 ml - Farmavita

Stimulates natural growth of hair, normalises tricology disorders that are caused by excess fat deposition or dandruff. Struggling with excess seborrhea, helps get rid of dandruff and prevents hair loss. This triple impact on the hair can be achieved through the use of a complete line of TRICOGEN.



Wash your hair a special shampoo Tricogen. Massaging the scalp, apply the contents of the vial on the hair roots. Leave to act for a few minutes and begin laying without rinsing hair. Use 2-3 times a week. When the condition of the hair and scalp improves, it is advisable to use once weekly to maintain.


Intensive treatment: Shampoo + lotion 2-3 times a week

Prevention and Care: Shampoo + lotion 1-2 times a week


Active ingredients:

  • Balsamo FIORAVANTI. This rich set of valuable plant ester resins plant
  • Mediterranean has antiseptic and wound-healing effect.
  • Mirra since ancient times known as an effective antiseptic and distracting way, and ginger has a toning and firming action.

Synergy of these natural ingredients removes all impurities and harmful substances from the hair bulb.


  • Essential oil of laurel creates optimal conditions for the preservation of tone hair bumps, and cinnamon extract (Cinnamon), being astringent, effectively cleanses the scalp.
  • Oil ferrule kamedenosnoy (Galbanum) has a soothing and restorative properties.
  • Turmeric plays a key role because it gives the hair shine and shape.
  • Seed oil of cloves removes excess sebum, restoring and normalizing the balance of the scalp.
  • Essential oil of wild pine forest and natural menthol crystals provide adequate food for the hair during their recovery and growth.


This product has a quality certificate.

FarmaVita Tricogen Lotion against dandruff and hair loss, 100ml

SKU: HCZ000223
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