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FUENTE «TIERRA» Colorganic Mud 60ml


A unique dye that has no analogues, is based on Moroccan volcanic lava and baker's yeast.



The dye performs organic staining and humidity is involved in its process, and not oxygen, as in alkaline staining. Using Rhassoul clay and baker's yeast, the cuticle swells (but does not open) and the color passes through it due to the small size of the clay molecule and innovative magnetic field technology.

Therefore, the quantity of color should be larger than with alkaline staining, so that the cuticle is swollen.


Benefits of Organic Staining:

• safety for customer health

• safety for the health of hairdressers (no chemical fumes)

• Ph hair does not change and the hair remains in the same condition as before dyeing. Due to this, there is no clear border with regrowth, since there is no difference in the quality of the hair dyed and regrowth. The hair remains healthy and looks natural.

• Ability to create light natural shades and fashionable saturated ones.


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FUENTE «TIERRA» Colorganic Mud Dye 60ml

SKU: HCZ000200
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