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K.Liss Keratin Complex Thermal Straightening System

A new and effective system that achieves straight and super shiny hair!

K.Liss Straightening Keratin Complex without formaldehyde - Keratin Complex Thermal Straightening System Farmavita


The complex includes: Straightening Cream (100ml x 2) + Neutralizing Emulsion 250ml + Spray 250ml for Reconstruction


Straightening Cream (Straigneting Cream with Keratin) with the scent of wild cherry. For long hair need 2 tubes for medium length hair will be enough 1 tube.


Neutralizing emulsion (Neutralizing Emulsion) has a special creamy texture, designed for easy use;


Spray for Reconstruction (Rectructuring Protective Keratin Spray) is enriched with keratin, instantly acts on the hair. Helps restore hair structure and protects against heat due to keratin, panthenol, and cationic conditioners, improving, protecting and strengthening the hair structure;


Rectifying keratin line - an innovative system for permanent hair without formaldehyde conversion. The best solution for those who dream of a straightened, obedient, perfectly smooth hair for a long time (3-4 months). Suitable for all hair types.


The main features of the keratin complex K.Liss is the high content of hydrolyzed keratin, as well as the absence of formaldehyde in the components. Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle, heals, enveloping externally hair, while the effect of forming a capsule. After the procedure, the hair becomes shiny and smooth, disappears "fluffiness".


How to use:


Step 1. Analyze the quality of hair to determine the processing time:

- 15 minutes for wavy, natural, thin and dyed hair,

- 30 minutes for hard and very curly hair.


Step 2. Wash your hair with keratin shampoo K.Liss.


Step 3. Wear protective gloves. Squeeze straightening cream K.Liss in a plastic container. Divide hair into 4 equal areas. Starting from the occipital area, apply the cream evenly and popryadno through the hair. Avoid contact with the scalp. Apply the cream retreating 1 cm from the roots of the hair!The maximum time of use according to the step 1.


Step 4. Rinse hair with warm water until the cream. Apply conditioner with keratin K.Liss, leave for 2-3 minutes, rinse and pat dry with a towel.


Step 5. Apply the spray with keratin K.Liss evenly over the entire length of hair.


Step 6. Do not use a brush or comb. Do not pull hair. Only when the hair is dry, you can comb gently.


Step 7. The temperature rectification utjuzhkom should be no more than 180 ° C, the operating temperature of 90 ° C. Do not pull hair. Straighten the hair strand by strand.


Step 8. Divide the hair into 4 sections as before. Apply neutralizing emulsion K.Liss since occipital zone strand by strand to dry hair without pulling them. Leave on hair for 15 minutes.


Step 9. Rinse hair with warm water. Apply conditioner with keratin K.Liss for 3 minutes, then rinse.


Step 10. Dry the hair dryer in the rectified state. Do not pull or tighten the hair.


Recommendations: Within 72 hours after the procedure, do not wash your hair and wear only straight hairstyles without using rubber bands and hair clips. For protection and restoration of the structure of the hair during the day is recommended to use the spray for the reconstruction K.Liss.

K.Liss Keratin Complex Thermal Straightening System

SKU: HCZ000086
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