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Life waving 1 is a revolutionary formulation based on cysteamine, without thioglicolic acid or its derivatives. This gives a gentle perm with maximum care of the hair structure. The perming action is obtained from a component of cysteine, a structural amino acid with great affinity to the inner structure of the hair itself. The formula of the waving lotion is further enriched with wheat proteins which revitalise the hair.


HOW TO PREPARE THE HAIR TO THE TREATMENT: Shampoo the hair with a delicate product before rolling the curlers up. After shampooing towel-dry hair delicately. Select the correct waving lotion depending on the nature and the condition of the hair to be treated: 1. treated hair 2. sensitised hair. 


SATURATION PHASE: Apply the selected liquid and saturate accurately every curler. Do all this slowly and carefully. Setting time varies from minimum 10 minutes to max 20 minutes for the most difficult cases. Setting time varies depending on the kind of liquid used, on condition of the hair and on the result to obtain. It is recommended in any case to check the waving process every 3-5 minutes. When setting time is over, rinse accurately and rapidly with lukewarm water in order to stoop the waving action on the hair.


NEUTRALIZATION PHASE: After rinsing the product out, towel-dry the hair and prepare about 55 ml of pure product. Product is ready to use. Apply the product uniformely on every curler. Make sure that the neutraliser is distributed all over the hair. Leave for 5 minutes, then unroll accurately every curler, apply the rest of neutralising lotion and leave for further 3 to 5 minutes. Do not comb. Rinse the hair. Then proceed as usual shampooing the hair is not recommended.


Set contains:

1 waving lotion

1 neutralizer

1 applicator

1 instruction sheet

LIFE WAVING 1 - Waving Lotion, 2x110ml

SKU: HCZ000076
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