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Moroccan Red Clay Powder, 200g



Red clay has this color due to the combination of iron oxide and copper.

It is best solution for  sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.


Masks made with this clay relieve irritation and redness on the face.

It can also help get rid of flaky and itchy skin. Red clay can also be used for dry, dehydrated skin.

It will help the aging and sluggish skin.

This type of clay improves blood circulation, contributes to a greater saturation of the facial skin with oxygen. It also can be used in case if you have less iron in the body.



Red clay delicately cleanses and tones the skin, also nourishes it with minerals and biologically active ingredients, stimulates metabolic processes and improves blood circulation.



Individual intolerance to the components of the product.



Complex care.



With regular use, it improves skin firmness and elasticity, improves complexion of skin of the face.



Natual Red Clay with high purity level

Moroccan Red Clay Powder, 200g

SKU: ORJ000499
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