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OMNIPLEX Bleaching Powder 2 In 1 - Bleaching Powder with Plex Protective Technology


Bleaching powder guarantees perfect lightening of hair and maximum protection of its structure. The powder brightens and simultaneously cares of the hair, protecting it during and after the bleaching procedure, while maintaining the integrity of the cuticle flakes. Thanks to the special Plex technology, which combines disulfide bonds and preserves the natural structure of the hair, the bleaching process becomes as safe as possible. OMNIPLEX BLEACHING POWDER is ideal for use with all bleaching techniques. Provides lightening up to 7 levels.


The mixture does not flow, does not swell, maintains its consistency for a very long time, due to the buttery consistency it is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the hair. Creates a glossy shiny blond.


Method of application: bleaching powder is needed to mix with an oxidizing emulsion 10 vol (3%), 20 vol. (6%), 30 vol. (9%), 40 vol. (12%) in a ratio of 1: 2. After the exposure time, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water, then use Amethyste Color Shampoo.


SKU: HCZ000192
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