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Vegan Product. Edli Food Supplement which regenerates the intestinal flora to improve overall health, 200ml



Our gut is our second brain. 
LA TERRE VIT was born from the conviction that healing and regenerating one’s intestinal flora contributes to the overall good health of our body.



Fermented cabbage leaf juice, fermented red beetroot root juice



The fermentation of plants increases their vitamin content and, in particular, in the case of cabbage, vitamin C. 
Fermented cabbage contains more vitamin C than fresh cabbage (35 mg/100 g). 
It is also a good source of probiotics that enrich the intestinal flora and boost immunity.


Beetroot is a powerful cleanser, especially in the form of fermented juice. 
In particular, it helps to relieve the liver, the action of which will be more effective. 
It is a great source of 
vitamins and minerals: vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and B6 
and minerals: iron, calcium, sodium and fibre.


How to use:

Dissolve 10ml (1 spoonful spoon) in a glass of water once a day.


Store in a dry place and in the refrigerator after opening.
Shake before use.


Vegan Product.

Vegan Product. Edli Food Supplement, regenerates the intestinal flora, 200ml

SKU: HCZ000387
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